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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let's Talk About Hair Care

Its been a while I know! My apologies I have been so busy with school lately ( priorities), however I'm back with a brief talk about hair and natural hair.
Okay, I'm going on a healthy hair journey. Aside from an occasional sew in, I am natural my hair has never been chemically processed in any way shape or form. That's like a recipe for automatic healthy hair right?......WRONG! I've neglected the general health of my hair by sew-ins, gelled styles and other styles that went against my hair regime.

SO! that brings me to Hairfinity. if you're not familiar with the product, Hairfinity is a vitamin supplement that is filled with tons of Biotin, and other vitamins that will encourage healthy hair growth. Hairfinity is pretty renowned especially among the stars such as Jennifer Williams, Toya Wright and Porsha Williams just to name a few off the top of my head. I started these vitamins about a week ago and some of the immediate side effects I experienced was a tingling in my scalp and that was about it for now. I know this was a side effect because I goggled it and other users were experiencing that as well, so I know it's not just in my head. The only warning that I got while researching that was completely unanimous was that the pills may break you out, however there is a simple fix to that, and that is to drink plenty of PLENTY OF water. When you intake a substantial amount of vitamins your body will flush out toxins and by drinking water you are flushing out any toxins in your body at a faster pace. If you do not drink water the toxins will come out of your pores and form of pimples yuckkkk. I mean drinking water is probably the most annoying part of the whole vitamin regime. Its not the drinking water part, because since I'm on a path to healthy eating I drink only water anyway, its more so the fact that it is recommended to drink A LOT of water, therefore i have developed a frequent urination problem. :(. All in all I have noticed hair growth already, I'm not sure if it is because of Hairfinity or because I cut my hair and hair cuts tend to make your hair grow faster ( I don't know if its scientifically proven).

Along with taking hair vitamins I also changed my hair routine. When my hair is not in a weave I go to a local Dominican Hair Salon. The Dominican Hair Salon use to wash and condition my hair then I would sit directly in the chair, she would then blow out my hair and then flat iron it. After getting my last weave over a month ago, I noticed that when she flat ironed my hair it seemed thinner than normal and for two weeks it was bone straight, no volume or anything and I have kinky curly hair. Well I decided to switch it up and get a roll and set in which she would have me sit under the dryer with rollers after washing my hair, I would then sit in the chair and have her blow it out and then have her LIGHTLY flat iron it. This new method definitely gave my hair more volume and made it seem more thick.

We all know that heat on any type of hair is detrimental right? Now what if I told you that I know a specific flat iron brand that will leave your hair sleek and shinny while not causing any damages- you wouldn't believe me would you? 
Let me put you guys on to a new flat iron that I purchased and fell in love with. It is called the Plug-In-GED 1" ceramic flat iron, it has 5 heat settings to insure that you wont burn your hair. On the box it indicates the appropriate heat ranges which would be applicable to your hair type ( straight, processed, or natural kinky/ curly). My hair is natural and the flat iron worked perfect under the lower heat settings which I loved because I am ( just like everyone else) trying to minimize the amount of heat possible to make my hair straight and this flat iron is the first to accomplish that for me. This flat iron also has a rotating handle/cord which makes curling so much more easier. Prior to getting this flat iron I would attempt to curl my hair with my flat iron and it would create these weird bendy/ dent like shapes in my hair, but this flat iron flows smoothly into the curl in which you desire. 
Now this hair flattening tool is a MUST BUY....not because of its functions because I've seen flatirons with these functions used my professional hair dressers and they were really expensive, about $100.00 and more. What makes this product a must buy is the fact that really inexpensive. I saw a similar flatiron at the mall for $120.00 this product is only $30.00! This flatiron is only while supplies last and they are selling rather quickly so I advise all you frugal fashionistas/hairistas to jump on this sale like NOW

**to purchase this flatiron of great quality please email and ask for the PLUG-In-GED one inch ceramic flat iron and either black or pink**

Thursday, January 16, 2014

She's Giving You Honolulu in the Middle of NYC

Global Warming has really been taking it's toll lately, especially in the New York City area. One day it's a comfortable 50 degrees and the next minute it's below zero, freezing to the point where layers will hardly help. I am so over winter at this point and I am ready for the spring to come in. I need consistent comfortable climates day in and day out, but then again it is NYC and there is nothing consistent about the New York City weather!
This Hawaiian themed blazer was just enough to keep me warm while taking a nice stroll through the park.
I purchased this blazer from Forever 21, although it is sold out on their original website, I was able to find it here.
These are the most comfortable pair of pants I own, they fit like leggings, but the fabric is much thicker. This was a gift from my mom who has been trying to get me to stop wearing leggings for the past few years (lol), the brand is New York & Co but I found a similar pair here.
These shoes are Ralph Lauren, they were a gift from my aunt <3. They are extremely comfortable &  have such a stylish snake print, giving you yellow python from the rain forests in Africa... I live! ( I searched on the Internet and found them here.)
For my bag choice, I wore my lemon yellow Micheal Kors tote available at Lyst.
One thing i love about New York City is the sense of entrepreneurship. Check out my cute accessories I purchased from a NYC street vendor. 
It may be a bit hard to see, but it is a beautiful rust colored link-chain necklace with the single link earrings to match.

At times, you just have to sit back and bask in the ambiance. Breath Taking, Serene, Peaceful.
Check out the beautiful landscape in the background, the frozen lake and the scenery of the trees in the background looks like a painting. Beautiful.

** Special thanks to my very very close friends Josh and Ashley who supported me and my aspirations, I Love you guys**

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Me: Student Edition

Last semester I spoke to a few friends of mine, and they were telling me how stressed out the entire semester was to them especially the finals week. I was not stressed this entire semester and I took six classes 9 Thank God!). I must say that this semester was one of my easier ones and I was surprised since I took more classes than normal. I actually finished off with a 3.95 GPA for this Fall term, and so many college students ( mainly freshmen) asked what was my secret to acing this semester "like a boss" :). So I decided to create a blog with a few helpful tips to ace this up and coming semester.

For starters, focus. Every college student should go into the next semester ready to "tackle" every class that you are enrolled in. Considering our breaks ( both winter and summer) are a bit long I would advise that you come off of vacation about a week before returning to school. Coming off of vacation is my figurative way of advising you to snap out of that relaxing mindset, its time to get back to work and instead of setting yourself back a week or two it is important to be ahead of the game and that is apart of focusing. 

The next important factor in acing this semester would be to attend every class, or at least almost every class. I know everyone has their own unique circumstances and you may not be able to make it to every class, but allow yourself a maximum of 3 absences. One for that beautiful spring day that you may somehow end up at Central Park or in the gymnasium playing basketball. The other two days I would strongly advise not to waste but to save just in case life's circumstances will prevent you from showing up that day.It is so important that you choose wisely. I do recognize that some professors teach simply out the book, some use both their text books and their personal notes, and others may use simply their wisdom;  no matter their teaching method it is important to still show up. Often times participation is a main grading factor, even if it isn't you still want to make your presence known in class for two reasons: 1. Professors are teachers and they have their ways of explaining the bulk of the work in simplest form making it comprehensible. 2. Professors love when students are engaged in their classes, and yes you want to leave a good impression on professors simply because you never know who you my need for a letter of recommendation.

While in class it is important to take great notes. Now, noting taking techniques is another blog topic in itself, but I'll just briefly touch on it. I personally like to take notes thoroughly while in class based off of the professor's notes and questions/ explanations that were raised during class. In a normal hour and a half class my notes will range from about 2-5 pages. As I read the textbook I summarize each page in my own words, which makes it easier for me to remember as I study. 

Studying, like note taking is an extensive subject area and it is very preferential. Before a test I ask questions such as will the exam be more concentrated on in class notes or the text book, or generally what will the test cover. This is important because you don't want to waste your time concentrating more on text books when the test will be heavily concentrated on in-class notes ( however I do advise you to study both). I personally can't cram, that doesn't work for me but in addition I can't study for an extensive period because I will not take it seriously. I usually study about 3-4 days before my exam, days 1-3 are dedicated to focusing on specific chapters and the fourth and final day is dedicated to overall reviewing and test rpacticing with a friend/family member.

As for research papers and homework, just do it to the best of your ability. If you half ass anything expect a half ass grade, this isn't high school where the grades are arguably a bit biased. As the saying goes, better late than never, but never late is better. Points off is always better than a complete  0 or an F.

Lastly, and most importantly, it is always important to keep the lines of communication open between the professor and yourself. Again, life has its circumstances, if anything arises where you cant make class, a test, or hand in something don't be afraid to tell the professor. Often times professors may be willing to work something out that may help you, but how would they know if you don't keep the lines of communication open. Another thing PLEASE don't bullshit the professor, 8/10 they can recognize a lame excuse and they will be less likely to compromise, honesty is the best policy. 

In a nutshell, my biggest secret to being the best student I can be is...............time management. 

I will post more blogs/ vlogs with more helpful tips for studying, taking notes, papers,etc  separately at a later date.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe. =)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Beauty Undefined

I recall being interviewed on an Internet radio station. The radio station was geared toward plus size women and fashion, I was about 16 and they were doing a special on teenagers that were a little more curvy than average ( whatever that is). The host was actually a family member of mine and she asked me "What makes you so confident?".

My immediate response to that question was my family of course! Prior to entering society I had no idea what beauty was. My family branded into my head that I was beautiful, I was bodacious, I had beautiful skin and beautiful hair, I was so smart and courageous. The more my family and the people around me told me what I was, the more I believed it creating self confidence because there wasn't anyone in society that could tell me different. My family gave me the support I needed to face a narrow minded society. Now, don't get me wrong society will try it honey! I was called fat I was called ugly but at the end of the day I knew that even if I was a bit chubby, whatever I was, I was gorgeous in spite of it all.

Every girl is beautiful in her own way, and I know that is so annoyingly cliche. What society fails to encourage is beauty that takes various forms. Beauty is not only defined by Kim Kardashian or some other bombshell with a body that 95% of the American society does not have but is trying to acquire. Yes, Kim K is beautiful, her curves are beautiful, her hair, and her makeup. My curves are beautiful also( i may just be an hour glass with a bit more time on it), my hair in its natural state is gorgeous, my black is beautiful and can't nobody tell me other wise.